Tim Eddy

Tim Eddy writes poetry and songs from his rural home in the heart of the driftless region of Wisconsin. Herein lies the ineffable power of an experience born of living a life hard fought and won, a life of loves, and lives lost and found, and ultimately, redeemed by the Blues. This all rendered in a voice that is casually conversational and intimate, yet detached, a voice both raw and refined, yet ever restrained to hold tension and our anticipation of what will happen next.

"With his debut album,Tim Eddy has crafted a soundscape that breathes a specific palette of cinematic colors. These songs feel as welcome in the unglaciated coulees of Wisconsin as they would in Texas hill country. Tim effortlessly paints the complete arc of a blue collar work day, the struggle and the loss, the contemplation, the melancholic solitude that asks for answers to the larger mysteries. Delivered with a delicate vocal timbre that perfectly compliment his vulnerabilities, these tracks are stories first...tone poems. Stories with a lyrical depth that can only be shown through the eyes of someone who has waited their whole life to open their sanguine heart. These are songs heard first by the lonely horizon. These are songs originally sung to the open road. These are songs for an imagined lover, an intended hope, a yearning.

These songs are searching,

searching for the root of all things."

-Peter Engen

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